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Owl Online Catalog: Log In to your Library Account to view what is available at Olive Warner Library, reserve items or add a book review.

Find info, journals, and articles from magazines and Journals

EBSCO: if you are not at the library when logging in, you will need user name and password. Ask the Librarian or workers for this. They have a bookmark to help you remember.
Explore a topic or find specific information through comprehensive online collections of journals, articles, and searchable databases. Offers, medical journals, magazine articles, all the resources you need for an in-depth consideration of a subject.

The world’s most comprehensive bibliography from the world’s libraries. Ask Ann Humble! This is a cool way to track down that elusive next good read! Then you can tell Librarian, “Hey they have it in Abilene! Would you borrow it for me?”

Consumer Health Complete
A rich collection of health information: reports, encyclopedias, dictionary, fact sheets, news, drug, herb info, alternative sources, images, diagrams, and videos.

Just for Kids and Teens

Britannica: this has great photos, and all the information you need in an encyclopedia. You also need the remote user name and password if you are not connecting through our Wi-Fi. Ask the Librarian or workers for a bookmark with this information that reflects our team and current year, so you can do homework at the ballfield, in the country, in the city, on a bus, or in a grain truck! Information at your fingertips! Get that report done! It’s Awesome!