Get a Free Library Card

How to Get a Card

  1. Fill out and submit, in person, a Library Card Application.
  2. Present 2 forms of identification.
  • You must show an I.D. – like a driver’s license.
  • Show something you have received in the mail with your current name and address on it.

The library will notify you, either by mail or phone, if your application has been approved.

Download the Library Card Application (pdf)

Library Cards for Persons under 18

For those under 18 years old – an adult in your family will also need to review your form and sign with you. We start each family on one card. We must have your current working phone number and correct mailing address. Mom or Dad, or the legal guardian, will need to show their I.D. and a piece of mail that clearly shows their current mailing address. There is no charge for library account. Fines of five cents per item per day are charged if your check outs are not returned by date due. Please Note: In State of Oklahoma, it is considered a felony offense to not return library materials. You must return items, or be considered a thief. Serious, people!

What if you don’t have a library card?

You are still welcome to come in and read within the library during our open hours. You may pull a book from the shelf and read, please use shelf markers to replace, or stack them on table.

No card is required for you to use the internet. Simply ask at the front desk to be signed in to use the computer. Each user must be 13 years old, and  in 7th grade, know how to use the computer, and will be allowed 30 minutes. A phone number is requested in case you leave something behind. Anyone misbehaving or viewing objectionable material may be asked to leave, at the discretion of the Librarian or staff on duty.

If you are carrying a water bottle to stay hydrated, we ask you keep a cap on it, and not have it near the computers.