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A-B-C Mouse! Learning fun for your little children.

Britannica: this has great photos, and all the information you need in an encyclopedia. You also need the remote logins (our hometown team and our Zip Code) Our user name and password if you are not connecting through our Wi-Fi. Ask the Librarian or workers for a bookmark with this information that reflects our team and last year, so you can do homework at the ball field, in the country, in the city, on a bus, or in a grain truck! Information at your fingertips! Get that report done! It’s Awesome!

Find info, journals, and articles from magazines and Journals

EBSCO: if you are not at the library when logging in, you will need user name and password. Ask the Librarian or workers for this. They have a bookmark to help you remember.
Explore a topic or find specific information through comprehensive online collections of journals, articles, and searchable databases. Offers, medical journals, magazine articles, all the resources you need for an in-depth consideration of a subject.

The world’s most comprehensive bibliography from the world’s libraries. Ask Ann Humble! This is a cool way to track down that elusive next good read! Then you can tell Librarian, “Hey they have it in Abilene! Would you borrow it for me?”

Consumer Health Complete
A rich collection of health information: reports, encyclopedias, dictionary, fact sheets, news, drug, herb info, alternative sources, images, diagrams, and videos.