Library Use

Checkout Period

for those who have a library account, and no lost or overdue books

  • DVDs for 1 week
  • Books for 28 days
  • Items must be returned. State of Oklahoma has deemed the non return of library items or damage thereof to be a felony offense.

Computer Use

Free Wi-Fi signal. Come in the library and sign our agreement about legal use of the WiFi signal and we will give you the password. If you are using a phone, tablet or laptop we ask that you use earbuds or headphones.

USE the Computer? Ask at the front counter. Library staff will sign you up. Children must be 13 years of age and in the 7th Grade in order to sign up to use the computers, and must know how to properly use them. Children younger will need a parent to assist them with research. Librarian has discretion to allow or disallow use.

Children in the Library

Children under the age of 9 (nine) years of age may not be left unattended at the library.  They must be accompanied by a responsible person 14 years of age or older who will watch them while here.  And parents are expected to be supervising their young children while within the library. Children 9 and over may visit for limited sessions through the day, they can’t be here all day. The library is not a day care, nor your babysitter. Disruptive children or any who are sick will be asked to leave.

We often take pictures at library events to use in library publicity materials and on our website. If you do not want us to use a picture of you or your child, please tell the Librarian.

If a child is in the library unattended, efforts will be made to contact parents or guardian. Library staff cannot provide transportation to take a child home or to transport a child to another location due to liability issues. Parents must pick up their children before closing time or they will be left at the Police Department.

Meeting Rooms For Civic Groups

To reserve a Basement meeting room, ask Carolyn Blackwelder. Your Group Leader will need to inquire each month and sign a form, you must register again for each month’s reservation on or after the first of the month. Meeting rooms 1 or 2 are assigned on a first come, first serve basis.

Not Allowed in the Library

  • No food, drink, or tobacco products allowed in the library.
  • No pets are allowed in the library except service animals or bookworms.
  • No greasy or muddy clothes. And please, come with clean hands.