Fresh Library Mural

This summer, a local pair of sisters unleashed their art talents to freshen our Mural on the front of the building, and included a cowboy to resemble John “Hooker” Threlkeld, our town’s roping Cowboy namesake, or Boss Neff, the rancher who followed on his heels, moving his family in off the ranch so they could get all their schooling.

mural at library

Boss loved to read and write, and wrote columns or tidbits for the early day newspapers. He called his thoughts, “Nefflets” in the 1900 paper. He had a nice residence that stood in 1904 where our library now loans out books.

Wouldn’t he have loved over 28,000 items in house in his day? Or all the digital content, that he and his mentor, Hooker, could have enjoyed as they herded cattle on the prairie?