The Library Celebrated 50 Years with a Golden Ribbon Cutting

We recently celebrated 50 years in this location with a Golden Ribbon cutting INSIDE the library. Librarians are all about getting folks into the Library. When Mr. Mayor read who the board members and city councilmen of 50 years ago were, and lead in prayer, I followed with a short reminder of our history, that maybe this was our 114th anniversary, since a lady who homesteaded here in 1904 asked her Chicago friends to gift her some books for her new location, they made sure she had 100 books which she began sharing with the just born town, or community, of Hooker.

ribbon cutting at the library
Carolyn is in orange in back, by her bearded husband, who kids mistake for Santa.

It was a fun ribbon cutting, set before our book talk over Killers of the Flower Moon, and our donated Smart Board was ready to go.

The Chamber of Commerce crew brought a Gold Ribbon. We had four librarians there,  part of our City Council, Book Talk folks, reps for my kid readers, a high school reader. And we gave treats wrapped in gold… Wurthers caramels, Twix, gold glittered apples, and it was fun! Especially when everybody joined in an old fashioned Hip Hip Hooray for a homesteaders who asked for books, the City Fathers with a library vision, and the Librarian of the 1960’s for whom our Library was named.