Summer Reading is Thursdays in July

tails and tales: 3 little pigs

We’re having Tales and Tails this summer at the library!

Join us Thursdays in July

  • Babies and Toddlers: 11 am to 12 pm
  • Grade Schoolers: 2 pm to 3:30 pm

We’ll have snacks and the usual silly stuff. Get ready for a whale of a tale, giant bubbles, bunnies, animal tracks, and farm week.

Drop by and see the tiny whales we have in the library!

Winter Reading Contest Update

Students from Grade 1 through Adults can READ to RIDE.

For each book you check in, you may add a ticket to the drawing.

April 15th we’ll announce 15 winners.

Winners will each get a Wrist Band day Pass to Wonderland Park, the thrill capitol of Amarillo, Texas. If you read more than fifteen books, you may win another prize.

Ready, Set, READ!

Winter Reading Challenge

We have a fun Winter Reading contest for young folks, Junior High through age 25.

read to ride 2020

Read to Ride is sponsored by the fun park in Amarillo, Texas. Wonderland Park is giving 15 wrist band passes away to our contest winners.

Winter Reading Rules

  • Be junior high through 25 years old.
  • For each book you read, add a ticket to the contest jar at the library.
  • Enter from January 15 to April 15.
  • 14 winners will get a free wristband pass to Wonderland Park in Amarillo.
  • You can read as many books as you want. You have to check them out from the Olive Warner Library though.
  • Digital Books don’t count.

Read now and shout wheeeee later! There are more prizes if you read more than 15 books.

We know you kids are always busy, but we think you could squish in another book or two…Or 16.

The Library Celebrated 50 Years with a Golden Ribbon Cutting

We recently celebrated 50 years in this location with a Golden Ribbon cutting INSIDE the library. Librarians are all about getting folks into the Library. When Mr. Mayor read who the board members and city councilmen of 50 years ago were, and lead in prayer, I followed with a short reminder of our history, that maybe this was our 114th anniversary, since a lady who homesteaded here in 1904 asked her Chicago friends to gift her some books for her new location, they made sure she had 100 books which she began sharing with the just born town, or community, of Hooker.

ribbon cutting at the library
Carolyn is in orange in back, by her bearded husband, who kids mistake for Santa.

It was a fun ribbon cutting, set before our book talk over Killers of the Flower Moon, and our donated Smart Board was ready to go.

The Chamber of Commerce crew brought a Gold Ribbon. We had four librarians there,  part of our City Council, Book Talk folks, reps for my kid readers, a high school reader. And we gave treats wrapped in gold… Wurthers caramels, Twix, gold glittered apples, and it was fun! Especially when everybody joined in an old fashioned Hip Hip Hooray for a homesteaders who asked for books, the City Fathers with a library vision, and the Librarian of the 1960’s for whom our Library was named.

Fresh Library Mural

This summer, a local pair of sisters unleashed their art talents to freshen our Mural on the front of the building, and included a cowboy to resemble John “Hooker” Threlkeld, our town’s roping Cowboy namesake, or Boss Neff, the rancher who followed on his heels, moving his family in off the ranch so they could get all their schooling.

mural at library

Boss loved to read and write, and wrote columns or tidbits for the early day newspapers. He called his thoughts, “Nefflets” in the 1900 paper. He had a nice residence that stood in 1904 where our library now loans out books.

Wouldn’t he have loved over 28,000 items in house in his day? Or all the digital content, that he and his mentor, Hooker, could have enjoyed as they herded cattle on the prairie?

Get eBooks, Audios, Videos and So Much More!

OK Virtual Library also offers streaming Video!

Find the latest books and classics in ebook format as well as Audio Books to enjoy anywhere. You’ll be impressed by the number of books we’re able to offer from all the best authors. That’s all because we’re a part of a special group of other Okie libraries – OK Virtual Library which has over 29,000 items to borrow, including movies.

The virtual library is open, even when this library is closed. All you need is a library account with us! Ask the Librarian to set a PIN or a personal identification number and  you will be ready for digital downloads to your smart phone, tablet or laptop computer. For more information about the digital part of our library, ask at the front desk.

Miss the Library? It has just closed? Grab a Burger, Grab a Book!

Check the Free Books Basket at Mr. Burger on Highway 54. These folks allow us to give you “food for thought” along with your meal.

And remember: Do Not Read While Driving! 🙂 HUH-UH! No texts while driving either! We prefer our folks to Arrive – Alive!